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                                     Youth  EpilepsySussex
Is for people up to 18 years of age & mums/dads of the very young  and wish to chat, share photos, videos, ideas,about the big E,

Our aims: 
              To help the young person resident in the Sussex area who suffer from epilepsy and to support there family and carers.
              Including but not limited to the provision of meeting and social gatherings with the object of providing them with more confidence and offer some rest bite from there condition.
              By raising awareness and educating the public in the causes and treatment of epilepsy so that they may better assist sufferers.
              By offering free days out to events over the Sussex area, this would included free transport to and from,free food/drink, free gift (up to £10), free admission,free sweeties :=} 
              Volunteers our DBS checked, carry a official ID,
in uniform,and the best bit is we our young and ready to go.



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